New Patient Exams

New Patient Exams

We are always accepting new patients,  giving complimentary consultations and second opinions, and providing new patient exams.   If time allows and there is no periodontal disease, we usually can do your cleaning at a new patient exam appointment.

New Patient Exams start with a conversation.   We try to listen to your concerns about dentistry and your dental health.   We work on forming a partnership with you to help you with getting your mouth into optimal health.

Taking the necessary radiographs are part of the exam.  They allow us to detect cavities, bone disease, even cancers.   We always feel it is in the patient's best interests to take necessary radiographs.  You want to detect cavities at their earliest signs and stop their progression. 

We always do an oral exam with new patients, and recall patients.   During this exam, i will feel your neck and palpate along your lower jaw.   I will hold your tongue with gauze to check the sides and cheeks for any lesion that looks cancerous.   We also have you say "ah" to check your oralpharyx for appropriate anatomy, and again nothing cancerous.

We always make details about each restoration your teeth have, check thoroughly for gum disease, and early detection of cavities.  



We are a unique dental practice in the Towson area in that the dentist will usually see new patients and do a very detailed cleaning and examination.   This enables two patients to be seen at the same time, one by our hygienist, and one by the dentist.  We see many new patients weekly from the Baltimore County area, Towson University, Calvert Hall, Loyola, Rodger's Forge, Stoneybrook and many other schools and areas close by.   We especially see many new patients from OakCrest Assisted Living facility as their shuttle comes directly to our Towson Dental office.