General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Towson - White Fillings - Towson, MD


General dentistry is composed of regular cleanings, scalings (deep cleanings), exams, white tooth colored fillings, crowns, bridges, extractions and root canals.   We do all of those different disciplines here. 

I also do safe amalgam removal.   Although I don't follow the IAOMT protocol in it's entirety, I do use the dental dam, or rubber dam, for 90% of my restorative dentistry and certainly will with amalgam removal.   This allows us to catch the vapors from the fillings, and all the metal pieces from the silver fillings.   The rubber dam goes over top of the nose to also allow airflow under the dam.   I would want this for myself. 

The dental dam or rubber dam is crucial for the level of dental care that I want to give.   It allows me to be my best, and is comfortable for patients.  They prefer it to any other method.  I would gather less than 2% of American dentists use the rubber dam for every day restorative dentistry.   It is marvelous.  

I also will do various disciplines in the same appointment... that means i can do a deep cleaning, and also fillings, at the same time.   This means less appointments for you (less time off work, or hiring a babysitter).